From body leasing to business innovation
Zühlke is an engineering group operating in Europe and the U.K. It provides software solutions and product innovation as well as management consulting services.


Business innovation is more likely to be sustainable and lead to success if the client – consultant relationship can be formed early in the process of a new venture. While Zühlke has already been operating successfully on a project basis, it sought to improve client access and deepen relationships.


We accompanied Zühlke to clarify the brands’ purpose, sharpen its positioning and clarify its performance communication. In our continued partnership we seek to empower ambitious leaders and promising ventures, bringing together our competencies in the fields of engineering and design.


Today the brands’ action-oriented promise «empowering ideas» clearly stands for responsible and thorough business shaping, strengthening the organizations’ ambition to build and pursue profound relationships with a view to maximize its clients’ business success.

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