We are business shapers and catalysts for change

We are business shapers and catalysts for change

Gaining an edge to shape tomorrow’s business

As creative and interdisciplinary consultancy Futureworks is an agile sparring partner to ambitious leaders as well as a challenge and catalyst for change. We aim to form long-term partnerships with our clients, achieve great results and build a future that works.

We believe that change is the only constant, the limits of the thinkable and makeable shift every day and entrepreneurial freedom has never been greater. And it has never been more vital to continuously shape business and stay connected to tomorrow’s world. 

Our role is to help our clients gain an edge over their competitors by integrating strategy with technology and design. Futureworks rounds up fifty business innovators, technology experts and experience designers. Our strength is to uncover the unique purpose and story of a business.

Making heritage work in the future

Our founders had the desire to develop comprehensive and interdisciplinary solutions for entrepreneurs in all industries. Over the past 25 years, we forged connections between entrepreneurship, technology, and design. This is how we helped our clients to gain an advantage over their competitors. 

Over the years we have produced award-winning success stories that can be seen on the international stage. 

In 2015 NOSE founded Futureworks with the aim to meet the challenges of today and to accompany executives in achieving their vision.


Leadership team

The Futureworks management team unites expertise in business consulting, technology innovation and communications.

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