Turning a women’s volleyball club into a world-class sports brand
Volero is the entrepreneurial vision of Stav Jacobi, who took over the NLB team VBC Voléro Zürich in 2002 and turned it into Volero Zürich AG.


Volero’s founders and sponsors were not only looking to professionalize the team but also to create a brand capable of entering new business areas in order to secure the company’s future.


We positioned and implemented the brand in order to capture the momentum of the athletic excellence and transfer it to all of the company’s business activities. Brand architecture and presence help all of Volero’s business initiatives to optimally benefit from the brand’s purpose and story.


Today, Volero is a well-positioned brand that stands for world-class sports, spectacular experiences and entrepreneurial strength. In 2015, the Volero team ranked third in the Women’s Club World Championship. The company was able to deliver homebred talents to top-ranking European clubs. Its unrivaled success story is the perfect example of a brand optimally capitalizing on its purpose.

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