Gaining market share in a saturated environment
Traditionally owned by Zurich Insurance, today the Vita brand stands for simple, secure and easy-to-understand occupational pension plans.


Swiss group life business represents a saturated market. The Vita brand has been used by Zurich Insurance to market products in the field of occupational pension plans for quite a while. At the same time, some of the joint foundations involved in the management of these products used Vita as part of their corporate name. Neither was able to effectively siphon off business from the small and medium-sized company segment.


In order to successfully occupy this high-potential market niche, the brand needed repositioning as stand-alone specialized provider of occupational pension plans, backed by the trusted know-how and brand power of Zurich Insurance. Having played a role in the inception and rebranding of Vita, we continue to accompany brand development today.


Launched in 2014, Vita has asserted itself as an effective and successful means to conquer the targeted market niche. Compared with 2013, the flagship product Vita Classic was able to expand assets under management by 8.5%. 

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