Continuity and Change – the Success Story of a Strong Swiss Brand.
SWISS is an impressive example of how a strong brand can continually reinvent itself, yet still remain true to its core values.


Challenges on the market are continually on the increase. Competition and pricing pressure are constantly on the rise, accompanied by steadily growing demands from customers, who, in addition to an outstanding on-board experience, are increasingly also demanding individual solutions tailored to their personal requirements, as part, of course, of a seamless travel experience.


It quickly became clear that more would be required to successfully overcome the challenges on the market than simply relaunching the global campaign. A universal communication platform would be required. This would focus on the strengths of the brand in a way that customers would find relevant, placing the focus squarely on their desires.

As Switzerland’s national airline, SWISS represents authentic quality, personal proximity, and attention to detail. It also stands for the little things that make a big difference for its customers. SWISS therefore successfully combines its own strengths with the requirements of its guests. We have been partnered with SWISS since 2007, and are now supporting the brand through its second phase of transformation as it moves toward a smoothly functioning future.


Through consistent orientation of the brand toward its customers, SWISS has taken an important step into the future. This becomes clear not least through the company’s new brand identity, which enables flexible, target-oriented communication across different channels and touchpoints.

SWISS features among the most attractive airlines in Europe and is one of the leading airline companies worldwide.

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