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What distinguishes a future-proof brand? A glance at Tesla, Uber and Airbnb clearly reveals the factors for success and also uncovers some fundamental differences between how these companies operate and traditional brand management in many businesses today.

Today, 70 years after the first Beetle rolled off the assembly line, the Volkswagen Group is facing its greatest challenge yet: by cheating on emissions tests, the company not only intentionally violated environmental standards, but also deceived their customers.

Success changes everything. It also increases expectations with regard to the brand and the company’s management. All areas require continuous development to ensure sustainable success.

Mattias E.

The digital transformation has fundamentally changed clients’ needs and expectations requiring brands need to rethink their purpose and reinvent themselves. A look at the health care industry shows how challenges can be turned into opportunities.


Globalization and the digital transformation have made the world even more unpredictable for companies. In the past, the development of a single business area would take years, but today the market wipes out whole business models in as little as a few months.

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