Musikdorf Ernen

Musikdorf Ernen
Successfully capitalizing on a niche market
The Musikdorf Ernen Society manages to compete with established music festival brands by capitalizing on and successfully expanding its niche.


Ernen is a typical village in the Valais region, set amid a breathtaking mountain landscape at the entrance to the Binn valley and boasting a richly decorated baroque church. This is the venue where the Musikdorf Ernen Society organizes a small but sophisticated classical music festival each year. Competing with established brands such as the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Lucerne Festival, the organization needs to play in the same league as far as its offers and communications are concerned while also working with a limited budget.


We have partnered with Musikdorf Ernen since 2008 and enabled the society to successfully focus on and expand its niche while attracting high-profile artists and growing the visitor base. Relying on an efficient communication strategy and powerful visual identity keeps costs in check while allowing the organization to concentrate on offering premium content.


Today, the society is a renowned premium brand in the classical music scene. Attracting international musicians and writers, Musikdorf Ernen has become a tourist attraction as well as a must for classical music lovers. Ernen has been able to thrive despite the strong Swiss franc and was able to once more record a growth in visitor numbers this year.

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