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k kiosk
Leading small-space retail
k kiosk belongs to the Valora Group brand, a pan-European trading group in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) sector.


Consumer needs and behavior have changed – they now expect a growing number of products and services to be offered in one location and along their commuting route. The traditional kiosk business was threatening to disappear due to gas service stations and convenience stores moving into the market. This forced the brand to undertake a strategic reorientation and structural change.


In cooperation with the Valora Group, we developed “k kiosk,” transforming the generic kiosk sales channel into a strong and flexible brand, able to react to growing customer needs. The strategic retail and visual brand concept we created make k kiosk an attractive and easy-to-navigate resource in busy pedestrian areas.


Today, the k kiosk brand is a platform offering a wide range of products and services, ranging from food to prepaid Visa and MasterCard cards. Its own ok.- discount product brand has already gained cult status. Valora is even planning to enter the finance sector, using its 900 high-frequency locations to offer customers small credits in the future.

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