Brand expansion built on solid ground
Since its foundation 1918, Halter has turned from a local family business to a full service company for the Swiss construction and real estate industry.


Offering construction and real estate services throughout the entire property life cycle, Halter caters to a wide range of target groups such as engineers, architects, builders and tenants. New strategic initiatives require both flexibility and focus regarding brand architecture and brand communication.


We have accompanied Halter since 2001, developing a brand architecture that enables both business growth and a professionalization of the companys’ image. Our partnership has brought about a communication strategy and brand story that allows Halter to purposefully reach its heterogeneous target groups. Its visual identity strengthens the brand both internally and vis-a-vis a growing customer base.


Today, Halter generates a turnover of CHF 640 million with 200 staff. The group is well prepared to further expand geographically and pursue its strategic push into the technology sector, developing solutions in energy efficiency.

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