Finox Biotech

Finox Biotech
Positioning a new player in the biosimilars market
The Swiss pharmaceutical company Finox Biotech is gaining ground in the biosimilars market, backed up by a strong purpose and convincing story.


Finox Biotech, founded in 2007, needs to prove itself on a market dominated by large pharmaceutical companies. The challenge is to apply intelligent brand communication to credibly convey the benefits of Finox Biotech products and thereby win the trust of a heterogeneous target group – regulatory entities and patients, but also clinics and IVF specialists. 


Accompanying Finox Biotech since 2009, we were involved in building up the brand, developing a clear positioning and a strong story, and helping to make the flagship product ready to market. Delivering on its promise of quality, precision, and functionality, Finox Biotech takes advantage of the “Swissness” factor. 


Finox Biotech managed to convince shareholders of its ability to successfully market the flagship product Bemfola. In March 2014, the European Commission granted market authorization for the product. Today, Finox Biotech is an ambitious player in the growing biosimilars market.

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