Turning craftsmanship into luxury
DeLaneau is a Geneva-based luxury watchmaking brand specializing in made-to-measure handcrafted timepieces.


DeLaneau competes with top international luxury brands with corresponding marketing budgets. Catering to high net worth customers, the brand’s challenge is to get its voice heard while celebrating its devotion to craftsmanship and specialty at the same time.


Together with the DeLaneau management, we developed a brand concept capable of translating the watchmaker’s unique purpose into a promising sales strategy and a story that truly sets them apart. 


Today, DeLaneau speaks a language especially developed for the brand. Its values, “inspiring, outstanding, independent,” can be experienced across all touchpoints, proving the company’s devotion to exceptional craftsmanship and customers seeking the unconventional.

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CEO, Partner
Mattias E.
+41 44 277 57 11
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