Strategic customer guidance through to the point of sale
The Daimler corporation includes the renowned and internationally distributed brands Mercedes-Benz, smart and Maybach, as well as other brands that are established only in certain markets and sectors.


The digital transformation is diminishing the traditional role of car dealers as customers turn to the Internet for a good part of their research when wanting to buy a new car. While some dealers are experimenting with selling cars online, they are finding attractive showrooms and seamless customer guidance increasingly important when closing a sale. 


We enabled Daimler to successfully guide potential and existing customers into its dealerships. The strategy includes signing dealerships with Mercedes-Benz as a flagship product brand for a maximal attraction at a distance, coupled with a branded communication offensive at the middle distance and ensuring a congruent product and service experience up close.


Daimler benefits from seamless customer guidance through to its point of sale, both in terms of an enhanced brand presence on site and secure brand awareness in the minds of its customers.

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