The Futureworkers

We are idealists, creators, strategists, innovators, thinkers and makers who strongly believe in the power of design to solve any business challenge. We also believe that it is crucial to apply a human perspective to your business challenges to achieve sustainable growth. 

We believe that benefits of business success will slowly but surely impact the lives of employees, clients and the communities in which they are present. Thus we help make the world a better place, little by little.  

At the same time, we get to create great experiences for our fellow humans. 

And that is what drives us.

Our team

Futureworks' roots lie in a creative design studio founded in 1991. Today, with over twenty-five years experience in the field and more than one hundred design awards later, we trust that design can successfully be applied to all business challenges. We know this through our own prototyping. And we know this through the innumerable projects where design has played a key role in  unleashing creativity and innovation regardless of business area and industry.  

Today, we are a strategic consultancy focused on design-thinking, and home of experts within strategy and creativity. We have clients all over the world for whom we design and prototype solutions.